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Best rap video evah

Best video ever. Listen!

What’s been going on the past months

I’ve been blogging quite rarely lately. I’m not dead, I just don’t enjoy blogging for the moment.

However, I’ve been working a lot, more structured than normally. To get you readers up to date to what I’ve done the past few months:

  • A lot of work on Flattr. The company got seed funded and now have a couple of employees, and a nice office in Malmö, although I don’t live there anymore. 🙁
  • I had a Keynote at Radio Days Europe in Copenhagen. It was very interesting to talk to the radio world about the future for their medium. They focus too much on the distribution being a part of the medium which it shouldn’t be.
  • I was interviewed by ARTE (DE/FR television) about Flattr and how youth see the net, for the show Youropa.
  • Spoke at the Startup weekend in Lund (SE), arranged by the university.
  • I spoke in Germany at a couple of events. The biggest ones: Re:publica 10 and Next 10. How come all german events have the year in them?
  • Had a small video greet to VĂ€nsterpartiet in Sweden for their annual assembly.
  • Participated in a debate in London (UK) arranged by the British Music Experience – with (amongst others) the heads of EMI and Ifpi. It’s always annoying being the only foreigner in an event in Brittain, because of their superior language skill of course. And my english is not that bad.
  • Der Spiegel (DE newspaper) visited Flattr for a few days.
  • Was featured on Swedish Radio P3 in the program “Sunday with Saman“. Two hours (!) of chit-chat. Omg.
  • Media Evolution did a small interview for their web cast.
  • Wrote two chapters on my book
  • Spoke at the European Union Parliament in Brussels (BE), in a conference about the financing of culture in the future.
  • Went to Hacknight 2 (SE) and held a keynote. I had almost no time that day so I had to arrive really early and leave quickly afterwards, but it was a really nice event.
  • I was in Paris (FR) and did a presentation/q&a about culture and financing. Sounds boring, but it was very nice!
  • London (UK) again – at the #activate2010 summit arranged by The Guardian. I participated in two events, one panel and one presentation. The panel was with (amongst others) Aleks Krotoski who did “The virtual revolution” series on BBC (which everybody should see!), David Cavallo from One Laptop Per Child,  someone from Virgin Media (they sponsored – I didn’t feel he had anything to add to the panel) and lots of cool kids. The presentation was about activism. I also got the chance to annoy Eric Schmidt (CEO of Google) about why they do not tend to spend more time/money for helping search engines rights on the net – but he totally avoided to answer.

Usually I would have done more events, but I’ve told myself to travel less and eat healthier. At least one of those things worked out!

I’ll blog again when I start feeling I matter enough to do so. Take care!

When even Hitler agrees

When a fascist guy like Hitler is upset about people going too far, even the Mafiaa should start to listen.

(This clip might be deleted soon, of course. So find it on Vimeo afterwards.)

I just started discovering things like this on Flattr. Very happy that it’s becoming an important informational source for me!

Facebook owns us

Facebook has become the event planning system. It’s the place where you have all your friends (and other people) somewhat sorted and organized. All in all, it’s the organized system in the chaos that is otherwise known as the internets.

This is leading Facebook towards a virtual monopoly. There are lots of issues with monopolies, but one of the more interesting ones when it comes to Facebook is the impact is has on our social lives, online as well as offline.

A friend of mine creates music videos. He’s great at it. He is also very proud of them, so he uploads them to Facebook to show his friends and relatives. It’s the easy way to do it — all of us are already there.
Facebook however doesn’t like this behaviour. They deleted the videos and said that my friend was violating copyright. Even though they really have no clue if that is the case or not.

Both my friend and I are very into people being treated as they should. We don’t take crap from anyone. That’s why my friend wanted to get even with Facebook, in a sort of childish way. He uploaded a picture of a male genitalia as a profile picture. Harmless enough. Friends seeing his profile picture would laugh or become a bit annoyed that they have a childish friend.

So what happens when you do something like that? Facebook delete you. They erase you from the digital earth. All pictures that he was tagged in seems to be gone (I can’t find one single picture with him on there right now). He’s no longer in my list of friends. Facebook didn’t send out a notice saying that my friend was erased. I actually found out that he was gone from Facebook when he didn’t show to the moving in party at Flattr, when someone there told me he never received an invitation. It was weeks after, and I had invited him to another thing he didn’t show to either. I now know why.

Like everybody else today, I invite people via Facebook to events. If they’re not on there, they won’t get invited, it’s too much hassle, and “everybody is there” with few exceptions. This means that if Facebook deletes a friend from your online catalogue, you might actually stop hanging out with them offline as well. This is not acceptable. In a democracy we break monopolies and we allow for trials to happen (some of them are actually fair as well). On facebook, we’re being treated as goods.

We’re all in this mess together. Facebook owns us, our offline and online connections. If they have moral objections towards who you are, you might be erased. You’re never sure.

I don’t want to support this anymore. Is there another system, open in the way that makes me the master of my own profile, makes me safe from someone elses moral decisions? Facebook has (so far) censored 4 of my sites from being mentioned on their “walls”, in facebook mails etc. I am no longer allowed to speak of things that they object to. I am not allowed to know why. They do not condone some of my friends. We should all leave, we are obviously not welcome!

My blog died, finally.

I’ve been running on old hardware for a while. I’ve had a numerous number of harddrive crashes. But this time I’ve decided to not reinstate the backup.

So now it’s a new fresh book instead of just a new page. Out with the old, in with the new.