I’m Peter. I’m of Finnish and Norwegian heritage, born in 1978. I like to travel and try to keep my home base in Berlin.

I work mostly with projects that can change society and I have done so for a couple of years. And I deal alot with questions regarding immaterial rights.
I’ve done a lot of projects around it and the most known project I’ve participated in is probably The Pirate Bay.

On spare time I play house/techno music and I enjoy learning new languages and traveling the globe.

I’m available for conference talks, debates and lectures.
For bookings in Sweden, contact Talarforum, in Norway, contact Publicom.
For international bookings, you can contact either of them.
(For non-profit and any politically green and/or red event, you can contact me directly.)

If you need to contact me faster (I don’t check e-mail that often anymore), I’m available on IRC, and on Twitter as @brokep.