TPB AFK (final cut) and some thoughts

I just saw TPB AFK, the final cut version of the movie, with all of the music added and all. I’ve seen earlier cuts of it, and I always end up asking myself what I think about the movie. I’m still not totally sure, so I’m going to wait to post my opinions.

The movie is good looking, with great music and all. My thoughts are more about what message it will send. You will have to see the movie to see the thoughts. It will be out very soon.

One thing that strikes me is how hard it is to portray the internet fight. What do you show? Cables? Computers? That’s boring and static. It has no feelings, no meaning. It’s a tool to reach to a higher meaning, a purpose. It’s impossible to get on picture, just as someones true love can’t be photographed.

In my life I’ve been interview literally thousand of times. For multiple projects, I’ve been involved in. And almost everytime there’s a photographer or someone filming, they want me to sit by the computer and “hack”, or they want me to wear a patch over my eye or something. Simple (and stupid) things to portray “what” I am. Usually I always tell people that they must realize that the question at hand is much too important to just put in a ready-made view of what something is. A hacker is not a 18 year old boy with lots of pimples, living in his basement while drinking coke and eating potato chips. It might have been before, but today there’s so much variation to that. It’s important to show the world that something is evolving as well.

I just had to write this somewhere, because it makes me upset quite often. On a day like this, after the passing of someone in a similar place in life, it makes you think about all sorts of things.


#1 Peter Green on 01.14.13 at 00:06

My thoughts are with Aaron and people like you, ones in a similar situation. Please don’t follow him…

#2 peter on 01.14.13 at 00:08

I’m not thinking of us in a similar place in that way, heh. I’m more thinking that he was under similar pressure, for similar things.

#3 K`Tetch on 01.14.13 at 02:39

I hate that too. When I worked on BattleBots 11-13 years ago, we had the same things, but with tools and stuff. I tried to talk producers from it every chance I could.

I can’t wait to see the film though, any chance of a journalistic review screening? 🙂

#4 farmorgun on 01.14.13 at 11:07

Undrar vad jag och andra kan göra för att peppa dig och andra att kĂ€mpa pĂ„? Fick en idĂ© som jag adresserade till Anna Troberg m fl om att göra Aaron Schwarz odödlig genom att internationellt samlas kring ett initiativ att inrĂ€tta en stipendiefond i hans namn för studenter och forskare som kan bidra till en bĂ€ttre lagstiftning kring upphovsrĂ€tt och nĂ€rstĂ„ende rĂ€ttigheter. Även en fattig Ă€nka skulle bidra med en och annan “skĂ€rva” till en sĂ„dan fond 🙂

#5 Defirence on 01.14.13 at 12:27

Peter, thanks for making a movie about this i look forward to seeing it, as i should tell you, i am a full supporter of the Pirate Bay and i hope to see it running for the next few centuries, i don’t understand why the government has to target the Pirate Bay only, there are other sites ( that do exactly the same thing like Pirate Bay and they never get targeted. Good luck with the movie and i look forward to seeing it.