Behind the scenes from TPB AFK

It’s crazy. TPB AFK has been filming for ages and I realized that I’ve seen Simons beard turn gray-ish over the years – it’s been that long.

Some days ago he shot the final scenes for the movie. Of course the saga is not over but there’s a good story in there that needs to be told. I don’t know if I’m looking forward to it, I really hate seeing myself on the screen and some of the scenes are probably fucking personal. But it might be good to tell the grand kids one day….

Another crazy thing is that since Simon has been so pre-occupied with filming, editing and such, he’s never really released a lot of material from the movie. He thinks all of it is too good. I on the other hand film Simon every now and then – the old switcharoo. I release some of the clips since I think it’s fun that I’ve released more material, behind the scenes, then there is from the actual movie. It’s like leaking a bit.

Here’s some recent clips. There are more on my Vimeo page if you speak swedish – the ones I post here are non-swedish ones 🙂