Claes-Håkan Rosvall says “Sorry”

A couple of years ago, Claes-Håkan Rosvall wanted to keep Piratbyråns server after the raid against The Pirate Bay, that also affected Piratbyrån and 180 other entities.

During the negotiations in court about the server belonging to Piratbyrån he wanted the court to realise who the different groups were. He said:

“Piratbyrån is like the IRA and The Pirate Bay is like IRA:s armed forces.”

Besides being confused about the connection between Sinn Fein and the IRA, his move was very political. He wanted to compare the pirates with armed terror activities. Actually calling TPB the armed forces of the armed forces. Very meta.

During a coffee break yesterday, after his closing arguments of course, I asked him why he compared the groups. And I asked if it was for political motives. His answer was that it was “an unfortunate comparison”. For a prosecutor that is a quite weak defense I would say, since he had ample time to decide which argument he was going to use in the negotiations.

My reply to that was if he ever excused his behaviour and he said no. And then I asked again, if it wasn’t appropriate to do that, and he said “well, yes, Sorry for that”. At least he had some sort of sense of moral for once.

(Oh, and he put forward obvious lies during his closing arguments, that goes against things he already vouched for just a few days earlier. Which of course is not Ok for a prosecutor to do. More on that later, after I’ve talked with my lawyer about that.)