When even Hitler agrees

When a fascist guy like Hitler is upset about people going too far, even the Mafiaa should start to listen.

(This clip might be deleted soon, of course. So find it on Vimeo afterwards.)

I just started discovering things like this on Flattr. Very happy that it’s becoming an important informational source for me!


#1 Erik on 05.15.10 at 09:37

How do I know it’s the creator that I flattr and not just somebody stealing credit?

#2 admin on 05.15.10 at 09:46

What are you flattering? The video or the possibility to see the video? My guess is that most will solve itself, by people being mostly interested in finding the original source.

#3 johan,karlskrona on 05.15.10 at 10:46

Det måste vara ett av de bästa Undergången-klippen, helt i klass med ipad-klippet.
Jag tror Erik bjöd på sk ironi.

#4 M.E on 05.15.10 at 10:52

Like the video, not flattering.
YouTube videos (And Vimeo) containing subtitles to Hitler aren’t to be Flattred at all until Hitler sets signs up on Flattr. It’s *HIS* copyright.

#5 Karl on 05.15.10 at 15:15

Ha, the clip is not available in my country (Germany).

#6 Zacqary Adam Green on 05.15.10 at 16:30

It’s on Vimeo as well: http://vimeo.com/11096415

However, I feel like the YouTube version hammers the point home a bit more, which is why I put it on Flattr.

Thanks for the shout-out!

Oh, and @Erik, yes, it’s me who put that on Flattr.

#7 Zelest on 05.17.10 at 23:50

Haha, I just love the final comment/line in the video.. 😀