My blog died, finally.

I’ve been running on old hardware for a while. I’ve had a numerous number of harddrive crashes. But this time I’ve decided to not reinstate the backup.

So now it’s a new fresh book instead of just a new page. Out with the old, in with the new.


#1 Rasmus on 04.15.10 at 07:57

Haha, just as I’m using its archive heavily for research purposes (writing a book chapter on TPB:s recent history).
Well, it’s still out there of course… or wait, only until 2008!? On the other hand, I would not be surprised if someone would choose to revive all the posts from their RSS reader and put the archive up somewhere else. Would be a nice thing, imho, but that’s possibly just because I’m a historian.

#2 James on 04.15.10 at 13:22

Loved your presentation at Radio Days. Really interesting. Well presented. Good luck for the future.

#3 Lukas Chadbourne on 04.15.10 at 13:48

Checked my RSS reader and it goes as far back as May 18th 2007.

#4 Josh on 04.15.10 at 23:53

As you have guessed I have the posts of 2009 in my feed reader. If you need them you can contact me at (unless Peter minds of course).